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CHAPCA is a membership association that promotes and strengthens the delivery of palliative and hospice care for terminally ill patients and their families through education and advocacy








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A number of committees are organized to address issues that affect provider members and the hospice community.

Committee members are appointed by the current CHAPCA President and approved by the Board of Directors. Committee members serve one year terms, and may be re-appointed. CHAPCA members and staff employed by provider members are encouraged to volunteer for committee participation.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, composed of the officers and one member elected at large by the Board, conducts any necessary business between regular meetings of the Board of Directors.

Governance and Nominating Committee

The Governance Committee is responsible for soliciting nominations from the voting membership for developing a slate of at-large Directors and for maintaining Regional elections. They interview prospective officers of the Board of Directors and recommending a slate of officers to the Board annually.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee recommends an annual budget for CHAPCA, monitors the investments and considers all matters of a financial nature that are referred to the committee.

Legislative Committee

Reviews proposed legislation that may affect hospice or palliative care; develops policy recommendations for the Board of Directors; develops CHAPCA's legislative agenda. Monitors health care legislation and organizes grass roots political activities.

Regulatory Committee

The Regulatory Committee advocates for hospice with the Department of Public Health and the Department of Health Care Services on issues related to state and federal hospice licensure and certification, Medi-Cal and managed care.

QAPI Committee

Quality Assurance plays a key role in the new Medicare Conditions of Participation. This committee will keep abreast of the latest developments and create alerts and educational materials to assist members in becoming compliant with ongoing changes.

RCFE Task Force

This task force is a joint effort between CHAPCA and the California Assisted Living Association (CALA). The group advocates for hospice with the Department of Social Services to improve access and remove barriers for residents of residential facilities.

Education Committee

The Education Committee identifies and plans workshops and seminars to meet the educational needs of hospice providers and health care professionals. They plan the Annual Conference, select speakers and develop the educational format.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee works toward making CHAPCA a stronger organization representing hospice and palliative care providers in California and Nevada, as well as supporting our Professional and Associate members. The group will evaluate current membership benefits, consider additional services that might be beneficial to our members, and assist in identifying and recruiting additional members for CHAPCA.